Eggs, eggs, eggs


Eggs, Eggs, Eggs by Annie Warmke

To enjoy this recipe you must start with fresh grass fed free range eggs, and a long griddle.  Two eggs per person is a good portion.

Break the eggs into a bowl, add salt, pepper, fresh or dried oregano and whisk them together.  Cut up fresh vegetables such as onion, and broccoli - set aside.  Prepare other ingredients to add such as olives, pepperoni, rice, fresh goat cheese - set aside.

Cut up, or press two cloves of garlic.

Butter enough bread so that each person has two slices.  Place the buttered side down on a long griddle and toast.  Flip to the other side.  When the bread is toasted, place the slices on a plate and then turn another plate upside down over the toast to keep it warm.

Quickly saute garlic and onion slightly in a tiny bit of real butter or olive oil.  Then spread the whisked egg mixture evenly over the griddle.  When the egg begins to look dry, spread the vegetables and other ingredients into the middle of the egg mixture.  Fold the right side of the egg over the top of the ingredients.  Then fold the other side over the top of everything.  Place a pan lid over the egg mixture for two minutes or until everything looks cooked.

Slide onto a plate.  Place the plate with the toast onto a table that's covered with a table cloth.  You'll feel like you are in a gourmet restaurant.