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My Visit to Blue Rock Station...

  • Thank you for opening up your home and for the amazing tour. It was one of the highlights of our summer vacation!
    Vanessa Hansen

  • I wanted to linger ( for a couple of WEEKS ) and 'pick yer Brains'
    Bill Brown

  • Many thanks to you both for a wonderful visit to your amazing project-experiment-home! It was fascinating.
    Jenny Saboley

  • I wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful day at Blue Rock!! It was a great way to "close the circle" of a fabulous 2,5 months in the US.
    Alice Henderson

  • Hey I just wanted to thank you guys for a wonderful birthday :-) I learned so much from you about the flexibility of biotecture and natural building.
    Dale Ziemianski

  • It is a wonderful thing you folks are doing! A living workshop! It was quite a nice afternoon, and your hospitality was unsurpassed. You made everyone feel welcome, and taught us all a few things along the way!
    Dave and Nancy Kosewick

  • Thanks Annie, for opening your heart & home, esp. for my dad, in light of my absentmindedness and forgetting his tent. Sheesh! where was my head at. And you did all this whilst in the midst of a little weather crisis.
    Tom Wehner

  • You have built a very beautiful home and farm with much love and care. The environment that you and Jay created was very welcoming and safe.
    Abby Miller

  • You have influenced the direction of the project my husband and I are undertaking in such a beautiful and natural way I think you will be pleased with your influence or inspiration
    Shannon Cox

  • I want to thank YOU for allowing me to spend the holiday with you both. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned more great information from both of you.
    Shannon Cox

  • I think that staying with you guys definitely put us on the right track and helped us be more confident about what we're doing.
    Alex and Ange

  • Thank you both very much. I absolutely love what you all are doing, and your sense of humor!
    Susan, Dallas

  • You guys are REAL Pioneers & certainly need to be recognized for the Courageous Efforts you have put forth
    Bill Brown

  • I really enjoyed the weekend we spent with you and I learned a lot. I think what you guys are doing is great, and what makes it even better is that you reach out and share it with other people.
    George Moresea, University of Dayton

  • Visiting the station and talking with Jay answered many questions for me and brought great ideas as well. I know I'll have many more questions but I feel inspired. Thanks for sharing your home, your knowledge and your love of living green!
    Donna Malus

  • Annie is a great source of inspiration for our students at the University of Dayton. Her story resonates with people who want to make a difference in the world and who want to work for social and environmental justice around the globe.
    Malcolm Daniels

  • The way you and Jay live your life is one of the most inspiring things I have ever encountered.
    Paige Lazar

  • The tour was fantastic - instructive & inspiring. The Solar Generator book is well writen & easy to read. Thanks again
    Mary Murphy

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The Cool Buildings of Blue Rock Station:

Over the years we have experimented with a number of buildings and construction concepts.  Some have worked well, others... well, even the best baseball players only hit 350.  When you tour Blue Rock Station, we will be happy to share with you our successes as well as our spectacular failures.

Some of the buildings and structures at Blue Rock Station include:

Of course, the Earthship (our home) and the feature structure at Blue Rock Station. The Chicken Chalet - home to our flock of rare breed chickens. Our unique Plastic Bottle Greenhouse (made with 1000 2-liter pop bottles)

The FireFly - a strawbale sleeping cabin, featuring a living roof.  Our first prototype of this simple to build design.
The MayApple - a strawbale sleeping cabin, complete with screened in front porch. The Dogwood (Intern) Chalet. This building promises to be one of the coolest yet of the small structures. 
The SunPorch, attached to the main house, this building incorporates a lot of the things we wish we knew back when we started building the Earthship. The Llama Lounge, a beautiful little building that provides shade and water to our favorite South American beasts... The Strawbale Privies - featuring SunMar commercial composting toilets, they are privies with a view, for those with discriminating tastes.
The Dragon's Lair - taking the original Firefly design to a whole new level... The Summer Kitchen, designed to take cooking outdoors during those warm summer months. While technically not a building, the Rocket Stove (incorporated into the SunPorch) attracts a lot of attention (with good reason).
The Infinity Barn - a straw bale goat barn the critters won't actual eat during those long boring winter months. The Blue Loo - our most recent project, a solar composting toilet, with living roof, castle turret and wind turbine hand washing station. The Overlook - sit and look out over the hills from this nice shady spot, made from branches and bits of salvaged flooring.