Solar PV Workshop Conditions


Workshop Terms and Conditions:

For a number of years Blue Rock Station, LLC has been conducting workshops designed to inform students about photovoltaics (solar electric) and/or to prepare students to sit for the ETA PV Certification examination.  We try our best to make this an extremely positive experience.  To that end, it is often helpful to make sure all the details are spelled out in full.

Classroom Location?

We have tried to schedule  a number of classes around Ohio and surrounding states.  The facility and location has been arranged with co-sponsors of the event.  Occasionally the location changes from the time the class is initially advertised to the time the class is held.  We will try to ensure you are informed of these changes in a timely manner.

Course Co-Sponsors:

Blue Rock Station, LLC works with a number of non-profits and schools to put on our courses.  We typically share a portion of the fees collected with these institutions as a way of supporting their good works.  They are not involved in determining the content of the courses nor do they assume any liability in connection with offering the course.

What should I bring?

Feel free to bring cameras and calculators.  Textbooks, tool kits and any other learning materials are typically provided as part of the course registration fee.

What should I wear?

There is nothing formal about Blue Rock Station.   Wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing.  But come prepared to get dirty when attending one of the “hands-on” workshops.

What is the Class Size?

Workshop classes are always limited to 6-15 students (depending on the event).  This allows us to spend a great deal of time with each student and we aren’t tripping over each other.  If there are more than 10 students we will typically provide two instructors to assist with the hands on portion of the class.

What about food?

If food is provided at the workshop (and most all-day workshops include a catered or potluck lunch - we do not sell food here at Blue Rock Station, LLC) we break around noon for lunch.    The food will be plentiful, mostly vegetarian,  locally grown and organic.  We will eat as a group giving us time for building community.

We will also serve tea and coffee throughout the day.

What about parking?

Normally ample (and usually free) parking is available at the site.  If there are issues surrounding this, we will let you know.


No pets allowed during the class.

What about smoking and other disgusting habits?

Without exception the meeting facilities are no smoking.  We will let you know where the designated smoking area is for each location.

I don’t consider myself particularly fit.  Is that going to be a problem?

As part of the examination, you will be expected to demonstrate proper climbing technique on a ladder.  This is the most physical of the activities involved in the course.  If this presents a problem, let us know so we can apply to ETA (Electronic Technicians Association) for a waiver from this requirement if you are seeking to achieve certification.

Where should I stay?

Normally hotels and bed & breakfasts are available near the course locations.

Workshop Contents/Logistics:

We try to be fairly detailed in our descriptions of the activities we will address during the workshops.  But as noted before, things change.  We may modify the workshop content without notice due to factors such as:  the weather, class size, availability of materials, participant wishes, participant fitness, or other intangibles that inform us to believe that changing the agenda will provide a better and more enjoyable learning experience.

Certification Examination:

The certification examination held as part of some courses is created and administered by ETA (Electronic Technicians Association International).  Blue Rock Station LLC is not responsible for the content of the examination and cannot influence in any way their pass/fail decision.  We make no guarantees that taking this course will result in your passing the examination.  ETA allows one free retake should you not be successful.   Blue Rock Station, LLC will allow (space available) you to attend the course a second time (free of charge within one year of the original examination) if you do not pass the exam.

Fee Refunds?

Things change, and we realize this.  But there are costs involved in managing people for upcoming workshops - so where is the balance?  Our policy is that, if a payment is canceled more than 30 days prior to the event, 100% of the payment will be refunded (less any credit card processing fees that might apply).  If a refund is requested between 30 - 7 days prior to the event, a 75% refund will be issued (less any credit card processing fees that might apply). Less than a week out - no refund will be issued.  However, all payments (those not refunded) can be applied to a future event.

If during the workshop something occurs (a family emergency, illness, change of heart, whatever), we will work with you to get you into another future workshop.  No refund, however, will be issued. If more than 90% of the workshop has been completed prior to the emergency, illness, etc - we will consider that our end of the bargain has been completed and that is that.  Hope all that makes sense.  Neither party is liable to the other for any delay or failure to perform if such delay or failure to perform is caused by acts of civil or military authority, national emergencies, fire, flood, catastrophe, acts of God, insurrection, war or riots.

Where should this be Settled?

Hopefully it will never come to this, but if a dispute arises and must be adjudicated, it will be executed and delivered in the State of Ohio, and shall be governed by, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio.  Any dispute or other legal action concerning this agreement, including any arbitration or litigation proceedings shall be conducted in Muskingum County Ohio.


When participating at any event conducted by Blue Rock Station LLC, you assume liability for yourself and those you have registered.  Please read the Waiver of Liability (below) carefully.  This is in effect whenever you attend a workshop conducted by Blue Rock Station, LLC.  In no event shall either party be liable to the other for incidental, consequential, special, indirect or punitive damages suffered or incurred by the other hereunder or in connection herewith.  In no event, whether as a result of breach of contract, indemnity, warranty, tort (including Seller’s negligence), strict liability or otherwise, shall Seller's liability under this Agreement exceed the price of the course.

In consideration for participating in workshops conducted by Blue Rock Station LLC and other valuable consideration, I hereby RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE Blue Rock Station LLC, their officers, servants, agents, and employees (hereinafter referred to as RELEASEES) from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions and causes of action whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury, including death, that may be sustained by me, or to any property belonging to me, WHETHER CAUSED BY THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASEES, or otherwise, while participating in such activity, or while in, on or upon the premises where the activity is being conducted or in transportation to and from said premises.

2. To the best of my knowledge, I can fully participate in this activity. I am fully aware of risks and hazards connected with the activity, including but not limited to the risks as noted herein, and I hereby elect to voluntarily participate in said activity, and to enter the above-named premises and engage in such activity knowing that the activity may be hazardous to me and my property. I VOLUNTARILY ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY RISKS OF LOSS, PROPERTY DAMAGE OR PERSONAL INJURY, INCLUDING DEATH, that may be sustained by me, or any loss or damage to property owned by me, as a result of being engaged in such an activity, WHETHER CAUSED BY THE NEGLIGENCE OF RELEASEES or otherwise.

3. I further hereby AGREE TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS THE RELEASEES from any loss, liability, damage or costs, including court costs and attorney’s fees, that may incur due to my participation in said activity, WHETHER CAUSED BY NEGLIGENCE OF RELEASEES or otherwise.

4. It is my express intent that this Release and Hold Harmless Agreement shall bind the members of my family and spouse (if any), if I am alive, and my heirs, assigns and personal representative, if I am not alive, shall be deemed as a RELEASE, WAIVER, DISCHARGE AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE the above named RELEASEES. I hereby further agree that this Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Ohio.


6. I further agree to become familiar with the rules and regulations of Blue Rock Station LLC concerning participant conduct and not to violate said rules of any directive or instruction made by the person or persons in charge of said activity and that I will further assume the complete risk of any activity done in violation of any rule or directive or instruction.

7. I also understand that I should and am urged by Blue Rock Station LLC to obtain adequate health and accident insurance to cover any personal injury to myself which may be sustained during the activity or the transportation to and from said activity.

8. I also understand that I am responsible for any damage I cause to the facilities.

IN REGISTERING ONLINE, I ACKNOWLEDGE AND REPRESENT THAT I have read the foregoing Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement, understand it and agree to it voluntarily as my own free act and deed; no oral representations, statements or inducements, apart from the foregoing written agreement, have been made; I also represent that I am authorized to consent on behalf of any other participant I may register during this transaction. I am at least eighteen (18) years of age and fully competent; and I execute this Release for full, adequate and complete consideration fully intending to be bound by same.