BRS Goat College


The sun is out, the goats are sitting in the shade - and we're inviting you to join us to learn more about goat keeping.

Goat keeping is a growing trend in both urban and rural areas, and we're receiving a growing number of inquiries about how to take care of goats naturally.  Folks who want to become goat keepers seem to be at a loss as to where they can learn first hand the basics that will help them to gain confidence in maintaining the health of a goat, milking, trimming hooves and more.  And if they have an interest in naturally healthy goats where can they learn how to avoid some needlessly costly vet services?

For all of these reasons and more, a few times a year we hold our own goat college.  Our goal is to provide the opportunity to learn what to look for when purchasing a goat, basic natural goat health care, hoof trimming and how to make a simple cheese.  We're inviting you to explore the world of goats for the afternoon and to not just learn more about goat herding, but to meet several goats from Blue Rock Station.

What you'll gain from your time at BRS Goat College: You'll work directly with the goat herd.  Annie will provide an overview of her philosophy for keeping goats, touching on what to look for when starting your herd, natural goat health, simple remedies for common health challenges, herbal parasite control and the general make-up of a healthy animal.  She will demonstrate hoof trimming since it is a major part of goat health. There will be lots of opportunity for asking questions and gaining confidence around goats.

Gaining confidence when working with goats is an important skill so time will also be spent instructing on the psychology of goat herds, and how to select the right goat.

All workshop participants will receive an eBook version of Annie Warmke's NATURALLY HEALTHY GOAT REFERENCE GUIDE.

The Half-Day Version:

During this session we will discuss how to manage the herd, how to keep the farmyard parasite free, the social dynamics within the herd and the various routines that will keep your herd healthy and happy.  Birthing videos and emergency strategies are discussed in a different workshop.

Dates for the half-day session (1 pm to 4 pm)


Come prepared to get dirty.  The barnyard is likely to be quite muddy so you'll want to wear boots.  Feel free to take all of the photos or video that you like.


The class fee is $75 for the first person in your group and $55 for each additional family member.  The fee includes the eBook version of NATURALLY HEALTHY GOAT REFERENCE GUIDE. Only people above age 14 please.  Class size is limited to 10 students, so register early.

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Annie with Louie


THE INSTRUCTOR:  Annie Warmke is a farmer and writer, and the instructor for the BRS Goat College.  She has been teaching natural goat health since 2010 and is the author of the NATURALLY HEALTHY GOAT REFERENCE GUIDE, available through Blue Rock Station’s website, and  She is a graduate of Ohio University and co-owns (with her husband, Jay) Blue Rock Station, a sustainable living center located in southeast Ohio.  Periodically she teaches classes on naturally healthy goats and cheese making in Columbus Ohio.  Annie also serves as a facilitator for planning meetings, and works as a consultant to projects needing planning expertise.  She is the co-founder of Women Grow Ohio, and belongs to the Chesterhill Produce Auction Advisory Committee, and the Women's Initiative Network, which she founded in 2009.