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Blue Rock Station Speaker Topics:

Jay Warmke is an award winning speaker and writer. He has presented hundreds of lectures and workshops around the world to groups as large as 4,000. His 30-to-90 minute talks (can be adjusted to full-day workshops) are humorous and enlightening, providing challenging ideas and predictions based on current and historical data. He is noted for an ability to take the most complex concepts and relay them in an easy-to-follow, non-technical manner.

Some suggested presentation ideas include:

  • When the Biomass Hits the Wind Turbine

An examination of world technology trends and realities that will dominate the next 40 years of human development. (Target Audience: General, Teachers, Politicians, Businesses, Professionals)

  • You Will Be Green: How to Compete in a World That’s Running Out of Everything

A discussion of what the reality of declining natural resources means and how businesses will need to completely alter their way of thinking to compete effectively in this new reality.

(Target Audience: Engineers, Teachers, Politicians, Businesses, Professionals)

  • Growing Energy: Can Farmers Really Make Money From Renewables?

How can farmers, even small farmers, profit from the coming need for distributed energy sources. This will be an overview of the myths, realities and future of biofuels, biodigestion, as well as solar and wind. (Target Audience: Farmers, Rural Land Owners, Policy Makers)

  • The Smart Grid: The Future of Electricity

Just as the advent of the Internet changed how we think about our telephone system, our electrical system is about to change in ways we can scarcely imagine. This is a discussion of what is coming and what it will mean to our society over the next several decades.

(Target Audience: General, anyone who uses electricity)

  • Teaching Green: Why What We’re Doing Will Not Work

With the promise of the green economy and loads of funding temporarily available – schools across the nation are racing to deliver a Green Curriculum. Yet most of these programs are destined to fall short in their objectives. Learn the common mistakes, misconceptions and just plain silliness that curriculum designers, teachers and administrators are running into as they attempt to create these programs.

(Target Audience: Teachers, Administrators, Curriculum Designers, Politicians)

  • 40 Acres and a Mule: Chucking it all and heading out into that great unknown

Have you ever dreamed of walking into the office one day, announcing that you are quitting your job, going to travel the world, then settle down on a bit of rural wilderness and scratch out a meager living. This presentation is a lighthearted discussion of the realities of carrying out that familiar fantasy by a couple that lived that reality. (Target Audience: General, anyone who is tired)

  • Earthship Life: Living in a House Made of Garbage

An Earthship (designed by architect Michael Reynolds and featured in a number of “extreme housing” shows) is a self-contained, passive solar, thermal mass, grey water processing, highly efficient habitation closed system – built with things other folks have thrown away. Find out how it was built and what life feels like to live in such an animal. (Target Audience: General)

To book Jay for a conference, workshop or consultation - email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or telephone (740) 674-4300. Jay & Annie also provide consulting services on an hourly basis with a minimum of two hours.

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