The Cool Buildings of Blue Rock Station:

Over the years we have experimented with a number of buildings and construction concepts.  Some have worked well, others... well, even the best baseball players only hit 350.  When you tour Blue Rock Station, we will be happy to share with you our successes as well as our spectacular failures.

Some of the buildings and structures at Blue Rock Station include:

Of course, the Earthship (our home) and the feature structure at Blue Rock Station. The Chicken Chalet - home to our flock of rare breed chickens. Our unique Plastic Bottle Greenhouse (made with 1000 2-liter pop bottles)

The FireFly - a strawbale sleeping cabin, featuring a living roof.  Our first prototype of this simple to build design.
The MayApple - a strawbale sleeping cabin, complete with screened in front porch. The Dogwood (Intern) Chalet. This building promises to be one of the coolest yet of the small structures. 
The SunPorch, attached to the main house, this building incorporates a lot of the things we wish we knew back when we started building the Earthship. The Llama Lounge, a beautiful little building that provides shade and water to our favorite South American beasts... The Strawbale Privies - featuring SunMar commercial composting toilets, they are privies with a view, for those with discriminating tastes.
The Dragon's Lair - taking the original Firefly design to a whole new level... The Summer Kitchen, designed to take cooking outdoors during those warm summer months. While technically not a building, the Rocket Stove (incorporated into the SunPorch) attracts a lot of attention (with good reason).
The Infinity Barn - a straw bale goat barn the critters won't actual eat during those long boring winter months. The Blue Loo - our most recent project, a solar composting toilet, with living roof, castle turret and wind turbine hand washing station. The Overlook - sit and look out over the hills from this nice shady spot, made from branches and bits of salvaged flooring.