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Straw Bale Needle

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Straw Bale Needle:
Price  $25.00 US *


Now, where else are you going to find a field-tested needle for building your dream house from bales of straw?  Okay - there are other places (or come to think of it, you can make it yourself).  But read on and find out why this is the needle you are going to want to buy.

When we first started doing straw bale construction - we were surprised that this handy (and very necessary) tool was not widely available.  But when we could find one (which wasn't easy), it was crazy expensive.  So we enlisted the help of our students (in field testing) and our local blacksmith (you don't have one of those?) to design and forge a prototype.

The result is this inexpensive, strong, extremely functional tool. We had a few criteria in the design.  It had to be cheap (as we are), strong (don't want these things breaking - ever), comfortable (we have sensitive hands) and actually do what it is designed to do. 

The metal needle is hand-forged by a local blacksmith, the handle is made of Osage Orange (as a university website describes it - “this beautiful wood is very strong and so dense that it will neither rot nor succumb to the attacks of  insects for decades”) lovingly cut from the hills of Appalachia and polished by hand.

The needle is about 32 inches long, the handle about 4 inches in length.

So what exactly is a straw bale needle and why do I need one?  Well, if you have ever thought of building a home (or an outhouse or pretty much anything) out of straw, you need a tool to thread the twine through the bale so that it can be lashed tightly to supports (usually saplings or bamboo or wood of some form or fashion).

This needle does a terrific job.  It is rounded and smooth, allowing it to slide easily through the bale.   It has a hole large enough to accommodate various sized twine, and a crescent tip to push twine if  you prefer that method.  

The shape and position of the handle allows for a secure, comfortable grip - both pushing the needle though the bale as well as pulling it back out.

What can we say.  You can pay a lot more for a straw bale needle, but this is a quality product that works well for what it is designed to do.


* These needles will be shipped US Postal Priority Mail ($9.50 within US).  The package normally takes about 2 days to arrive within the continental US (tracking numbers are available).  So if you order one needle - it will cost you $9.50 in shipping.  But here's the cool part.  The cost of shipping is really in the package - so if you order 2 needles, it will still cost you only $9.50 in shipping.  Or 3 needles... yup, still just $9.50.  Order 10 needles and.... well, you get the idea.

Contact us for International Shipping charges. Trust us, international will be more.  And we might just have to hand deliver if you live someplace really cool - like Norway or New Zealand.

7% sales tax applies to Ohio residents.