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Mathews Silva (2009)

School:  Everglades High School - Miramar, FL

Primary Project: Master Chef

When I think about my time at Blue Rock Station one word comes to mind and that’s “Freedom”. When I look back at all of the things I accomplished there, such as

  • Organizing millions of seeds to form their first seed bank
  • Learning how to apply earth plaster
  • Helping paint window frames for screens
  • Painting designs on rain barrels
  • Putting on the best Fourth of July firework show in my life (It was so good people “ran” for joy)
  • Planning and cooking up meals for up to 17 people
  • Learning to drive
  • Starting and planting seeds
  • Learning how to preserve foods in jars
  • Helping with chores such as gathering eggs and feeding the llamas, goats, chickens and my favorite was milking the goats
  • And I can’t forget when I volunteered at Comfest

I am very happy that I got to have this experience at only 14 years of age. Not many people do. So to me Blue Rock Station is the best place where you can really know what the freedom of sustainable living really means.