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Nans Thomassey (2008)

School:  INSA, Toulouse, FRANCE - Engineering

Primary Project: Llama Lounge, Firefly Cabin (designer of both)

"My experience in Blue Rock Station has been a turning in my life, oh that's for sure. Although I was finishing my studies as an engineer in construction, my interests were pushing me strongly into alternative ways of living.   Blue Rock Station offered me the most beautiful treasure I could ask... to realize there is a way to put the engineer and the dreamer together.

Sometimes I wonder how they made this miracle happened inside of me.  And I think the most important element was for me to share their life and see how happy they are living so simply. And the joy I could feel from them was something amazingly generous. They were constantly and naturally making me feel at home, teaching me their knowledge, opening my mind and sharing, sharing, sharing...

Where did they find all this energy? I still have this strong image of Annie taking care of the animals at BRS,  and Jay trying hard to keep the place nice and cozy.   For me, working in a farm was synonymous with long, hard and difficult work.   And it is.  But I couldn't imagine before I met them that it was also very amusing, exciting and fun.   Everything is summed up in this image : Annie singing Pinocchio's song while milking the goat, and getting her rhythm from the milk reaching the bucket.  Beautiful.

At the end of my stay, not only did I feel able to live my dreams, but I had also made very close friends and even more : a family. I am infinitely greatful for having met them on my road and what I can say to people having the chance of coming to Blue Rock Station is, "Welcome to the family".