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Step-by-Step guide to building your own solar generator for less than $300.

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You can register for courses or purchase products offered on our website through PayPal (or call us at 740-674-4300 if you prefer).  This allows you to either use almost all major credit cards (even if you have no PayPal account).  If you are unfamiliar with how this service works - here is a quick tutorial.

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Our Publications:

Naturally Healthy Goats Reference Guide:

For those who keep, or are thinking of keeping a couple of goats - learn these natural, tried-and-true ways to keep your goat healthy.

76 Pages - More Info...

When the BioMass Hits the Wind Turbine:

Finally a book about the past and future of energy - that can be understood by non-engineers.  Why is fracking never going to work?  Why is energy about to be Free?

422 Pages - More Info...

Assembling a Solar Generator

A step-by-step, non-technical, easy-to-read guide to designing and building your very own solar generator - harnessing the power of the sun to use when you need it most.

126 Pages - More Info...

Understanding Photovoltaics:  An Easy-to-Follow Study Guide to PV Certification Programs (2017)

Field tested by hundreds of students in schools around the U.S., this easy-to-follow text is designed to take an extremely "non-technical" student with zero background in PV, and literally teach them how to design and install a variety of residential PV systems.

292 Pages - More Info...

Building a Plastic Bottle Greenhouse:

Learn to construct this nifty little greenhouse using about 1,000 2-liter soda bottles.  Detailed plans are included.

36 Pages - More Info...

Building a Vaulted Straw Bale Wall:

Just enough information to be dangerous.  Learn this technique of building straw bale walls - either straight up and down or vaulted.

36 Pages - More Info...

Restoring Health to Cats and Dogs:

Learn the methods we use to restore health (by building the natural immune system) in our animals and help keep them healthy.

32 Pages - More Info...

Natural Gardening:

Most gardeners, without even realizing it, are in a constant battle against nature.  Learn to work with natural processes to create a lovely garden.

32 Pages - More Info..

Solar Cooking:

Imagine using the sun's rays to cook your meals.  Learn what is involved, how this works - and get detailed instructions on how to build your own solar oven for less than $2.

28 Pages - More Info...

Journey Toward Nothing

Join us on our annual month-long journey into the world of non-consumption.  Imagine 30 days without using money or energy. Find what we learned in this chronicle.

118 Pages - More Info...

Building a Tire Foundation:

In building our Earthship, we discovered the amazing potential for rammed earth tires in building.  We now use this technique for most of our small buildings.

36 Pages - More Info...