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Sarah Ayton (2010)

SchoolWWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) Intern

Primary Project: Farm Manager

"I came to Blue Rock in search of skills that are necessary for how I want to be living my life- one that is honest, fulfilling, and low-cost (environmentally and financially) by the day, by being a part of a mutually supportive community of folks interested in developing alternative systems to make and get what we need.

My summer at Blue Rock Station provided the space and resources for me to acquire those practical skills that I was looking for.

As Blue Rock Station’s farm manager, I was responsible primarily for the planning and maintenance of our small-scale farm throughout much of the growing season.

In between starting seeds and waiting impatiently for the tomatoes to grow, I was busy taking on a variety of other ongoing projects, including slating the roof of the Dogwood Chalet, completing a number of carpentry projects, chicken-proofing the garden by weaving a reclaimed-sassafras twig fence surrounding the plastic bottle greenhouse and designing recycled hoop covers for our raised beds, earth plastering, and providing helping hands wherever need be. I really enjoyed working with the goats, llamas, and chickens, and learned a lot about animal care and management."