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Step-by-Step guide to building your own solar generator for less than $300.

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Solar Cooking

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Blue Rock Station Style by Annie and Jay Warmke

Imagine cooking with the sun.  With a simple box, a bit of tape and glue, you can make your own solar cooker to prepare meals at home or in an emergency.

Explore how solar cookers work, what you can do with these versatile little items, and how to prepare your favorite dishes.

But solar cookers are not just for meals.  Learn how to purify water, sterilize soil, rid grains of insects and more.

Also contained in this booklet are step-by-step instructions on how to make your very own solar cooker - for under $5.

Annie and Jay Warmke have been using and enjoying solar ovens at Blue Rock Station fro over 10 years.  Join us in discovering how great it is to cook using the rays of the sun.

This 28-page illustrated book includes the following chapters:

  • A Very Brief History of Solar Cookers
  • So Why Use a Solar Cooker?
  • What Else Can you do Other than Cook?
  • Understanding How These Things Work
  • Some Guidelines for Cooking with the Sun
  • Weather Conditions for Using Your Solar Oven
  • How Food Cooks in a Solar Oven
  • Foods that are Great for Solar Oven Cooking
  • Recipes
  • Step-by-Step Making Your Own Solar Oven


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