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Using Paypal Tutorial

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If you have never used PayPal to make an online purchase before - it can seem a bit intimidating.  But believe me, they have done this before.  In fact, a few things to note about PayPal include:

  1. They are the world's largest processor of credit cards (so their security is pretty tight)
  2. We at Blue Rock Station do not receive any of your credit card information (this is all handled by PayPal).  So security is even stronger than a purchase you may make at, say, your favorite restaurant.
  3. You can use PayPal even if you DON'T have a PayPal account and never plan to get one (they take all major credit cards).
  4. They will not bug you to get an account (they do not use their user list to try to drum up business).

In this tutorial, we will assume you are paying with a credit card (you can use your PayPal account - but if you have one of those - you already know how to use the system).

The first screen you will see is your shopping cart... when you have finished shopping and are ready to pay, click the "Check Out" button.


You will then be presented with a screen that looks like the following...

Assuming you don't have a PayPal account, click on the option to Pay with debit or Credit Card (sometimes they move this around on the page and it can be a little hard to find - but it is always there somewhere).

You will then be presented with a screen where you fill out your credit card information.  From this point forward it is like every other credit card system - fill in the details, submit, they will ask you to verify it - then (assuming all is okay) - your order will be processed.

After you are finished, simply click the button at the end of the form.  You will likely be asked to verify everything once again.  Once you do that - the transaction is complete.  PayPal will then send you a confirmation e-mail to the address you indicated on the form.

Just that simple, just that quick.