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Step-by-Step guide to building your own solar generator for less than $300.

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Testimonials for PV Training...

  • Thank you Jay. You were a GREAT instructor! I hope to someday have the opportunity to work with you again in the future.
    Scott Hackney, Bright Spot Wind and Solar

  • I definitely walked away empowered technically, but the additional benefit of having a deeper context around the why of solar power, and its significance in our energy evolution. Your passion and commitment to the cause comes through in your delivery of the class, and your willingness to engage each of us, despite a variety of technical levels, really lowered the barrier to effective learning.
    Vince Weseli, Cincinnati, OH

  • That was a very useful and informative class. Your teaching style was excellent. I haven't sat in a class for this long in 35 years. You kept the class interesting and interactive.
    Sugu Suguness, Cincinnati, OH

  • Thank you so much for putting all that knowledge on me. Regardless of test outcome i feel more certain about solarizing...and the message after yours was my AEP bill. I'll take that as a sign to get moving on my plans.
    Nancy Jesser, Columbus, OH

  • Thanks for offering the solar cert I just finished up a 8kW on grid, off grid system for a guy.
    Russell Gabriel, Athens, OH

  • We are very happy that we had chosen your Photovoltaic course in Newark. We learned so much from your course regarding photovoltaic cells , electricity generation, the techniques of installation of panels etc in a very congenial, friendly and laid back atmosphere. Your great input in this field encouraged us to work on a small project at home on small solar cells.
    Satyanarayana Kadim and Rajeshkumar kadim, Athens, OH

  • Jay’s knowledge on solar and related topics, delivered effectively through anecdotal experience and his pragmatic approach, is inspirational. There are very few questions he is unable to answer or provide a reference for. His enthusiasm for our success never waned even when asked the same questions repeatedly. I look forward to attending more of Jay’s classes and know that I’ll come away with more than I paid for.
    Chris Kenney, Cincinnati, OH

  • Jay’s solar power course was a refreshing introduction into the world of photovoltaics. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. He provides real-word experience that is thorough and relevant. Jay is well spoken and a gifted communicator. His class provides a solid framework from which to build knowledge and experience.
    Dale Ramsey, Pickerington, OH

  • From the beginning, Jay measured each student’s background and technical understanding. Our class experience ranged from doctors and engineers to tradesmen and finally students. His material is well-organized and delivered in a way everyone can understand. He provides a mixture of lecture and hands-on instruction, building on each topic in a logical manner.
    Dale Ramsey, Pickerington, OH

  • I’ve been a technical instructor for almost 20 years and Jay is at the top of the list of the best instructors I’ve witnessed. He engages the class from the beginning and answers the question: "Where we are…how we got there…and where we are heading?” Most importantly, Jay provides the tools and direction for each of us to make it happen.
    Dale Ramsey, Pickerington, OH

  • Having taken numerous classes, I consider myself an expert on taking numerous classes. Jay Warmke’s warm and thorough approach to the instruction of photo-voltaic installation exceeded my expectations in every way. His patience and perseverance left the entire class feeling as if no question was a stupid question and he complimented the classroom setting with his extremely funny sense of humor. I whole heartedly recommend taking any of his or his wonderful wife Annie’s classes you may be interested in, with no reservations.
    Nick Adams, Columbus, OH

  • It really helped me to re-assess our plan - better determine our household system. Great instructor! Easy to understand, stops and explains whenever needed. Jay is extremely effective and makes learning easy. All I knew beforehand was that I wanted solar, now I know what I want, but more importantly, what I can afford.
    OEFFA Session, Columbus, OH

  • Thank you so much for giving the workshop. My husband and I learned a great deal. We hope to visit Blue Rock again in the future. We came quite a few years ago when you gave a workshop on the solar oven. It was very interesting, you and your wife are doing society a favor by letting us experience and learn how to be practical in this life.
    Ken and Lorene Diehl, Columbus, OH

  • Jay - we have power! Thanks so much for your course - never would have tackled it without your teaching and encouragement. It was a challenge for me in several ways (including wet spring) but am now so happy to be through it! A 2-decade dream come true!
    Louis Iverson, Radnor, OH

  • The day spent at the Akron Zoo workshop was outstanding! Like most adults 50 years old, I have endured too many soul draining seminars and workshops in search of knowledge and enlightenment. Your workshop was awesome! The combination of "tech speak" combined with man on the street explanation was a perfect fit for me. Thank you for an informative, entertaining and valuable workshop.
    Dan Arthur

  • Thank you for the update and thank you for a great class. The class exceeded all my expectations. Learned a lot.
    Jim MacMillan, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

  • I had a wonderful time at your seminar. I was able to meet like minded people who are enthusiastic about the same issues and doing the same types of sustainable projects. The amount of the information that was given was tremendous. You kept the us entertained and engaged the entire day.
    Matthew Corbett, Cleveland, OH

  • The one-day PV workshop was extremely helpful, although I had almost "zero" knowledge before the workshop. Now, I know what to look out for and what questions to ask. That is an important step forward for me. It also gives me a better way of assessing whether I might want to take the full course next year. Thanks, Jay!
    Andrea Gorzitze

  • Stewart Brand wrote "We are as gods and me might as well get good at it" in the first Whole Earth Catalog. Well Jay is good at it. He has interpreted the technical, governmental and human nature involved in designing solar voltaic systems to be understandable. The first day really sucked me in with Jay's views of the energy business and reinforced my thoughts on the topic. His teaching method was spot on with this complicated subject. Jay broke each section down so it could be understood. He would often digress into some humorous stories that often had me laughing. Solar technology is changing rapidly and Jay gave us many ways to keep up with it. The price of the class will be paid back many times over the next few years.
    Jon Branstrator, Clarksville, OH

  • Just wanted to say you're the best teacher I have ever had and that just the experience I had in your class and the things I learned from you will carry on in my life. Thanks allot and I am so happy I got to meet you. Thanks again and I will keep in contact.
    Robert Anderson, Wooster, OH

  • Thank-you very much for the wonderful workshop last week. It was well worth the time and money. You are a wonderful teacher and did a great job packing in a ton of content.
    Howard Plevyak Jr., Cincinnati, OH

  • I appreciated you keeping us on track and working in the hands-on activities to solidify the book and classroom instruction. That was a perfectly designed learning lab for me!
    Howard Plevyak Jr., Cincinnati, OH

  • This training was one of the best theory and hands on training I have ever received an as a result I have built my second 10KW solar generator based on the instructions I received.
    James Mosley Jr, Ft. Campbell, KY

  • I also have to give a huge hearty YES to the PV Certification Training workshop Jay teaches--I came away with so much know how and information--and it is the same when I am at Blue Rock for a workshop, a cup of tea, or a tour!
    Sheryl Billman, Grafton, OH

  • The course certainly does what was advertised. I now know how to design almost any PV system.
    Christian Collett, Wilmington, OH

  • Again, I cannot say enough good things about the class! Great material, well taught, all around an experience I'll never forget!
    Chris Reznick, Flint, MI

  • I went into your course not knowing how to strip a wire or the difference between voltage and current. Now I'm wiring inverters, running strings of power optimizers, doing site audits, bending conduit to connect arrays, and of course annoyingly banging away on peoples roofs to find rafters to install the racking system.
    Ryan Conley, Maryland

  • I am particularly impressed by the method of delivery of the course content by the instructor and the guest instructor. The methodology of delivery of the course content was captivating and even flawless as topics that appear new were broken down and made simple for better understanding.
    Okhaigbe Fatairu, Abuja, Nigeria

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Earthships 101: A Behind the Scenes look at permits, costs, building and living in an Earthship
From Saturday, November 04 2017 -  10:00am
To Sunday, November 05 2017 - 3:00pm

This workshop is part of our Exclusive Weekend Workshop Series:

These workshops are designed to take you out of your normal day-to-day and transport you into the world of Blue Rock Station.  The workshop begins as early as you wish to arrive on Saturday (provided it is not before 10 am).  You will settle in to your straw bale cabin*, get acquainted, have a cup of tea, and discuss the goals of the weekend.  Some folks are anxious to jump right in and get to work on a project, others want to just sit at the overlook and dream.  How much or how little you get your hands and feet dirty is up to you.  No pressure.

After lunch, we will have a tour of Blue Rock Station.  This is a regularly conducted tour and takes between 2-3 hours.  You are welcome to join in or to work on your project.  Again, entirely up to you.  After the tour, work on the project continues up until dinner.

Sunday morning will begin with a continental breakfast - then onto the project (until lunch).  We will dine at the overlook (weather permitting) taking in the views of the foothills of the Appalachians.  Work will continue in the afternoon until you feel the need to return to the "real world".

  • eship2.jpg
  • eship16.jpg
  • eship33.jpg
  • eship35.jpg
  • eship17.jpg
  • eship13.jpg
  • eship5.jpg
  • eship9.jpg
  • eship4.jpg
  • eship21.jpg
  • eship25.jpg
  • eship30.jpg
  • eship31.jpg
  • eship6.jpg
  • eship28.jpg
  • eship8.jpg
  • eship14.jpg
  • eship12.jpg
  • eship20.jpg
  • eship18.jpg
  • eship7.jpg
  • eship3.jpg
  • eship36.jpg
  • eship19.jpg
  • eship27.jpg
  • eship24.jpg
  • eship22.jpg
  • eship10.jpg
  • eship15.jpg
  • eship1.jpg
  • eship29.jpg
  • eship23.jpg
  • eship26.jpg
  • eship34.jpg
  • eship11.jpg
  • eship32.jpg

This Weekend's project will be: Earthships 101:  A Behind the Scenes look at permits, costs, building and living in an Earthship

You've read about them in magazines.  You've perhaps seen them on television.  You may have even convinced yourself that you would like to build one.  But just what is an "Earthship" and how hard would it be to create and live in one?  If you have ever wondered if you might have the energy, the desire and the stamina to build your own amazingly comfortable home from old tires, a pile of earth and a sledge hammer - then this workshop is for you.

Spend the weekend at Blue Rock Station to learn the basics of Earthship concepts.  No need to run all the way out to New Mexico - we have one right here in Ohio.

Learn the techniques used to:

  • Water-proof Earthships for a colder and wetter climate (and not the desert southwest)
  • How to capture water for use inside the house (we will discuss the rainwater harvesting to drinking water filtration system)
  • Creating indoor wetlands (harnessing and reusing grey water)
  • How to use wetlands effectively
  • The tricks to mud plastering
  • How to pound rammed-earth tires effectively to create the basic structure of the Earthship
  • plus everything we would have done differently if we knew then what we know now

You’ll also have an opportunity to view Earthship design plans, ask questions about the basics of design, discover area professionals who could serve as professional resources, and take a tour of Ohio’s first Earthship.

Normally this type of information is provided in a consulting setting at a fee of $75 per hour.  But during this workshop we can discuss your specific ideas (time permitting) and we will also highlight the "what we would do differently if we knew then what we know now" changes we would make to the original Earthship designs.

We limit these weekend retreats to 6 students - so as close to one-on-one instruction as you can get without actual one-on-one instruction (which we refer to as consulting).

Earthship & Sustainability Tour:

Re-thinking is the first step in your journey to create a sustainable living way of life.  Take a  tour of the 2,200 square foot house  that utilizes tires, cans, old barn wood, bottles, straw bales and mud to form a home heated by the sun, earth and wood.

Learn about the struggles and victories involved in building an Earthship (or other alternative structures).  Including:

  • Zoning
  • Inspections
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Cistern use
  • And much more…

You’ll have a pleasant time in the countryside at Blue Rock Station, meet some interesting people and enjoy high tea at the end of the time together.

The "Retreat" part of the Retreat:

One night in a straw bale cabin is included in the registration fee.  The cabins are rustic, cozy and pretty cool (enclosed with electricity).  But please bring your own sleeping bag and pillow (unless flying in - then we can accommodate you).  There is also a solar shower available and composting toilets (and you thought you would be roughing it).  We will provide a locally sourced lunch on Saturday.  Saturday evening dinner is on your own (at a local restaurant or feel free to bring your own stuff).  We will then have our world famous gluten-free waffle breakfast feast Sunday morning, all the tea and coffee you care to drink - and again a beautiful locally sourced lunch on Sunday (hopefully at the overlook - weather permitting).

We have two miles of wooded hiking trails should you care to take an after meal stroll.

Reservations are a must to avoid disappointment.  Be sure to bring along some sturdy work gloves, wear sensible shoes that can survive mud, and sun glasses, if it is a sunny day.  Workshop FAQ's.

Or you can contact us here at Blue Rock Station at  (740) 674-4300,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or register instantly and pay by credit card by clicking the button below...


$195 (single - with a cabin of your own)*

Nov 4th & 5th - Single


$250 (two people - sharing a cabin)*

No pets please (this is a working farm).  Also, please read the workshop rules and FAQ's for events at Blue Rock Station.

(*by registering, you agree to the terms outlined in the Waiver of Liability)

Location : Blue Rock Station, 1190 Virginia Ridge Road, Philo, OH 43771
Contact : Annie Warmke, call 740-674-4300 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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