The news is full of examples of how people fail at communicating with one another. The global pandemic drags on and even intensifies. Hundreds of thousands march in the streets. Our political system appears disconnected and uncaring. And I hear from dozens of friends who are struggling with isolation, anxiousness and apprehension.

And with all this going on… strangely, I personally feel quite happy and content. Which has me wondering the reasons?

This week I celebrate 39 years with the person of my dreams. We were certainly an odd pair to ever get together – yet here we are nearly 40 years later.

Which has led me to ask myself, “What is involved in moving away through life in these “interesting times” and into a world of finding contentment with better ways of connecting with others?”

So here are my “how to’s” for friends, lovers and general use:

  • Show your love by talking nicely to each other, not just hugs and kisses.
  • Make it clear that you trust the other person, and you have their back no matter what.
  • Encourage others to reach for an honest life .
  • Take risks, and share your dreams and your inner self.
  • Believe in abundance – change your self-talk so you can freely share yourself and your resources.
  • Work with others to create common goals.
  • Focus on what you have in common – it might only be one thing, and if so, then focus only on that one thing.
  • Speak up for what you believe in. But before you do, practice your responses so that others really can listen and let in what you’re saying.
  • Find opportunities to directly and indirectly say, “I love you.” to the people in your life.
  • Expect others to be authentic in their interactions with you, and find ways to make that possible.
  • Show up. Be there when things go wrong, or to celebrate when things go well.
  • Believe in each other’s dreams, even if they don’t match your own.
  • Look beyond what seems to make you angry, and examine what is truly driving your thoughts and emotions.
39 Years and Counting…

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