Learn how to create your very own plastic bottle greenhouse, for your home or as a school project.

This really cool structure is made using a rammed earth foundation (tires) incorporates over 1000 2-liter plastic soft drink bottles as its walls, a straw bale north wall as well as two 55-gallon rain barrels (courtesy of Little Square Farm) into the north wall.

Our thanks to the students from Clark Montessori High School for their help in constructing this building.  We hope they learned as much from us as we learned from them. 

Now available, this booklet that gives you all the step-by-step to build your own really cool Plastic Bottle Greenhouse.  This 36-page illustrated book includes the following chapters:

  • The Logic Behind Plastic Bottle Greenhouses
  • Creating your design
  • Site Preparation & Drainage
  • Wind Issues
  • Orientation
  • Insulation
  • Passive Solar Concepts
  • Thermal Mass Concepts
  • What materials you will need
  • How to prepare, cut and place the bottles
  • Detailed drawings for a 10’ x 10’ sample greenhouse project
  • Water Capturing
  • Finishing the Interior

36 Page Booklet:  (Out of Print – only electronic version available)
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(for paper version)

Electronic Version (pdf): 
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