Like most of the small buildings here at Blue Rock Station, the Happy Nest began life as trash… basically a discarded garden shed.

We hauled the shed to Blue Rock Station, and intern Nans Thomassey converted it into a sleeping cabin, with straw insulation, barnwood siding and a bunk bed. He called it the “Happy Nest” which to his mind was a cross between a nest (to sleep in) and happiness.

In 2021, intern Rickey Boebel took on the project – gutting the building and constructing a new foundation out of tires up in the garden area (a perch with a view).

Once stripped down, the building was moved (we used a professional for this) and placed on the foundation.

Rickey then replaced the vinyl siding with old tin, salvaged from barn roofs. He fitted in new windows and doors, redesigned the interior and replaced the roof with slate.

Later we ran electricity to the building, and plans for 2022 include putting a porch on the east side.