The High Tunnel is one of the latest projects here at Blue Rock Station (constructed in 2021).

An old barn sat on this site in the west field. The barn was in bad shape and collapsing – so we decided to tear it down, salvage the materials and items stored inside – and then build the high tunnel on the site.

As we all struggle with the effects of climate change, one of our goals here at Blue Rock Station is to experiment and document how best to cope with these changes. With the help of former intern (and now a graduate student at Cornell University) Chad Cully – we are experimenting with forest gardening and vertical crop plantings.

The high tunnel offers us a sheltered and relatively controlled space to experiment with homestead food production in a way that avoids the harshest effects of weather extremes. Our plan is to plant fruit trees, berries, ground crops and tubers within this space – using all space (horizontal and vertical) to grow food.

This is as far as plans have proceeded. First step is to build up the soil in the High Tunnel – as there is basically clay and slate on the site today.