The Peace Porch is attached to the only original building that was here at Blue Rock Station when we bought the place.

Artwork incorporated into strawbale walls
Annie & Coco creating art – Mr. Moon watches over the Peace Porch.

There was an old concrete vehicle repair shack that straddled a logging road near the entrance to the property. When loggers clear cut the property back in the 1970s, this building likely served as a maintenance area.

It was pretty run down, but we shored it up and it gave us a place to sleep in those early days of construction of the Earthship. Back in 1994, Jay built on a screened in porch with a brick floor, and we felt like we were living in luxury.

Later we enclosed the porch with straw bales, making it a habitable space during the colder months. We have since added a wood stove, and turned the space into a recording studio for instructional videos and radio podcasts. The straw bale walls work great for deadening sound.

Peace Porch tucked down in the dogwood trees.

Our hope is to one day add a porch on the west side, expanding it into the woods in a way similar to what we did at the Dogwood Chalet.