Plastic bottle greenhouse at sunrise
Plastic Bottle Greenhouse at Sunrise

While working on an Earthship project in Scotland, we wandered across the beginnings of an interesting little greenhouse made of 2-liter soda bottles.  This got us thinking about the possibilities of using them as construction material here at Blue Rock Station.

Our first prototype was constructed using metal 2x4s – so we could literally pick it up and move it around (and allow school groups to assemble and disassemble it).  But the wind also soon discovered that it could move it around as well – so we found it spread across the pasture one morning after a particularly severe storm.

Tire foundation for plastic bottle greenhouse
Tire foundation underway for greenhouse

We decided the building needed to stay put – so we constructed a pounded tire foundation and decided to do this thing properly.  With the help of the Clark Montessori School (from Cincinnati, OH) we built this 12 x 12 foot greenhouse over a rather muddy weekend. We later added a small potting area extension.

Building a soda bottle greenhouse

Clark Montessori School students building the greenhouse.

The complete construction details are available in our book – Building a Plastic Bottle Greenhouse.