After we settled into the Earthship, it became apparent that we needed to do something about the entrance.

Earth plastered sun porch
The Sun Porch was built onto the west side of the Earthship and now serves as the main entrance.

The main door into the Earthship faced west, directly into the prevailing winds. In the winter the snow could drift up against the door and each time it was opened, it seemed the entire house lost all its heat.

We also needed a place out of the rain to mix mud. We had bought a used cement mixer and Annie suggested we build an awning to keep it out of the rain. Well, that awning grew a bit out of control and the Sun Porch was born (and of course the mixer had to go outside because it was in the way).

The Sun Porch evolved into a 700 sq ft glorified mudroom in the winter, and classroom in the summer. When the rocket stove was added, then the room shifted from a three-season use space to year-round.

Inside of the Sun Porch

Nearly everything in the room is salvaged. The brick floor – salvaged. The barnwood ceiling – salvaged. The tires, cans, bottles, doors and windows – well, you get the idea.

The front wall of the room is made of earth plastered bottles and cans. The back wall is earth plastered tires. The west wall is straw bale.