We are all aware of the peril our planet faces as climate changes due to mankind’s impact upon our home. But what can we, as individuals, do? Perhaps very little. But we can plant a tree.

It has been estimated that the planting of a trillion trees would significantly counter some of the effects of our greenhouse gases. So let’s get started (after all, if you plant one – now the number needed is less than a trillion).

With this in mind, we thought it good idea to share the Blue Rock Station resources and invite people to join a club that offers information about forest gardening, and opportunities to plant your own tree or shrub. This is the idea behind The Forest Garden Club.

We’ve revamped some common areas of the farm to accommodate the new Forest Garden, so that club members can either plant trees and shrubs in the new areas. We hope this will build community locally around the planting of trees. But obviously more needs to be done. So we hope to create a “virtual forest.” Simply send pictures to us of your own tree plantings and we will include them in a “forest” gallery on the Blue Rock Station website.

The kick off for the Forest Garden Club will be later in the year (depending on when things get back to normal). Chad Culley from the Cincinnati Zoo will be here at Blue Rock Station to lead a forest walk for tree ID, and show how to easily propagate trees. Price of admission is a willingness to plant a tree.

Send your photo(s) of your tree(s) to jay@wordpress-713191-2366681.cloudwaysapps.com (make sure they are less than 2 meg, 800 pixels wide would be a good size).

Our Virtual Forest is growing (join the club and submit your photos) …