Earthship Tour – Spring Gardens (May 18th) SOLD OUT


Visit Blue Rock Station to get ideas on how to create a sustainable living way of life, or just to marvel at the various construction techniques.   The grounds currently contain 14 (at least) buildings made of repurposed materials, a solar array, a wind turbine, gardens greenhouses and more. Tour a portion of the Earthship โ€“ the 2,200 sq. ft. home made of tires, cans, bottles, salvaged lumber, mud, sand, sweat and tears.  Annie & Jay will explain the various construction techniques and how the building uses the earth and sun to provide a comfortable place to live.

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Tour Date:  May 18th, 2024 โ€“ begins at 1 pm  (SOLD OUT)

This tour will include a walk about the grounds, exploring the various buildings and features of Blue Rock Station (more detail about what you will see on the tour). The gardens at Blue Rock Station are no ordinary gardens. There are no neat rows or carefully manicured areas, but there are loads of beneficial insects. Plus the garden’s look neat and tidy with all that mulch that keeps the plants cooler when it’s hot and wetter when it’s dry. The new food forest areas, including the high tunnel are a unique twist on overall food production and land management. They also demonstrate some lessons in climate adaptation. Annie will lead the discussion as she talks about how she manages the the variety of gardens over the four seasons. After the tour, and a proper cup of tea, there may be a short demonstration on how to propagate some of the plants from the gardens over the winter. What you will see or learn:

  • Fall/winter/spring/summer management of vegetable raised beds
  • Rain garden management
  • Creating a propagation area
  • Visit the new high tunnel forest garden
  • Learn about the new food forest urban lot project
  • Discussion about climate adaptation planning for southeast Ohio
  • Easy plant propagation (including elderberry, fig, celery)
  • Perhaps some wild food identification.

Plan to walk quite a bit during the tour. Feel free to bring a water bottle and writing materials for keeping notes. Photos are always welcome. Space is limited to 25. If you would like to bring a group of people please register early to avoid disappointment.  Open day tour fees are $20.00 per person (infants and toddlers under 5 are free but this is really not an event intended for children).  Tours take about 3 hours (sometimes longer if there are lots of questions) and will include some light refreshments.  Tours begin promptly at 1 p.m. Open day tours are limited to 25 people.  Please ensure you will be able to go on the tour before purchasing your ticket.  Most tours sell out well in advance and if your plans change and you canโ€™t make it, let us know so we can give someone else a chance. Tour frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Tentative 2024 Tour Dates (all Saturdays): (I guess to be honest, everything is tentative)

If you have questions about tour availability or problems registering, call us at 740-674-4300.  Ensure your spot by registering through the date link above.* Tours begin at 1 pm and usually end around 4 pm. $20.00 per person (children 5 and under free, although this tour is not designed for children) (*by registering, you agree to the terms outlined in the Waiver of Liability)

Earthship Tour – Spring Gardens (May 18th) SOLD OUT