Making a Solar Oven (Ebook)



This handy little booklet gives you step-by-step instructions on how to build your own solar cooker (solar oven) out of common household materials for less than $5.

So, why would you want to use a solar cooker?

  • Solar cookers can be used to cook food or pasteurize water during emergencies when other fuels and power sources may not be available.
  • When cooking at low temperatures, the food retains more nutrients than a more traditional cooking process.
  • At moderate solar cooking temperatures food doesn’t need to be stirred and won’t burn— food can simply be placed in a solar cooker and left to cook, unattended, for several hours.
  • Pots used for solar cooking are easy to clean.
  •  Many solar cookers are portable, allowing for solar cooking at work sites or while picnicking, trekking or camping.
  • Water can be heated for household chores while camping or during power outages.
  • Solar cookers are pollution-free.
  • Kitchens remain cool while food solar cooks outdoors. This reduces the load on air conditioners and refrigerators in summer months, saving fossil fuels (and lowering utility bills).
  • Solar Cookers will cook any food without dangerous flammable fuels and fire. A Solar Cooker uses no fire to cook food – so there is no chance of accidental fire.
  • Solar Cookers produce no smoke during the cooking process.
  • Solar cooking uses relatively low temperatures, which helps to preserve nutrients in the food as it cooks, making it healthier and tastier..
Making a Solar Oven (Ebook)


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