Blue Rock Station held a solar generator class on February 8th.

Aside from teaching students the concepts and techniques needed to build a small solar generator, the event also helped raise some funds to assist Miriam Vargas, a 41-year-old immigrant from Honduras, who has been in sanctuary with her family at the First English Lutheran Church since July 2018.

As to the class, 12 students joined us to learn all about solar energy by building a small solar generator. A solar generator is essentially a small stand-alone photovoltaic system capable of capturing sunlight, storing it in a battery, then using that energy to run appliances during power outages or for remote applications.

Twenty-five percent of the student’s registration fee was then donated to the Citizen Miriam project. Miriam fled Honduras in 2005 after she and her family were threatened by local gangs. After living in the US for 12 years, and raising two daughters (both US citizens), the Trump administration announced plans to deport her. She sought sanctuary in the church in July 2018 and has resided there since that time. If she leaves the church she faces arrest and deportation.

Solar Generator Class Held in Columbus, Helps Asylum Seeker