Visit Blue Rock Station to get ideas on how to create a sustainable living way of life, or just to marvel at the various construction techniques.  Tour the 2,200 square foot Earthship, currently under construction (always under construction… sigh!) that utilizes tires, cans, old barn wood, bottles and mud to form a home heated by the sun, earth and wood.

Our goal is to not just demonstrate green living – but to live it as well.  We think of Blue Rock Station as a living, breathing sustainability laboratory – finding out what works, what doesn’t work – at a scale we can all relate to.

The center now has (among other things):

  • a 2,200 square foot Earthship (built by obvious amateurs)
  • the $5,000 tiny house project
  • several small straw bale sleeping cabins (complete with art work)
  • a number of composting toilets
  • plastic bottle greenhouse
  • vaulted straw bale wall structures
  • rocket stove with mud oven
  • solar thermal hot water
  • solar array for electricity
  • bio gas project
  • a herd of dairy goats
  • a flock of chickens
  • the occasional pig or two
  • too many cats and dogs
  • raised bed gardens
  • a wind turbine
  • a forest garden
  • and on and on and on

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