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Step-by-Step guide to building your own solar generator for less than $300.

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My Visit to Blue Rock Station...

  • Thank you for opening up your home and for the amazing tour. It was one of the highlights of our summer vacation!
    Vanessa Hansen

  • I wanted to linger ( for a couple of WEEKS ) and 'pick yer Brains'
    Bill Brown

  • Many thanks to you both for a wonderful visit to your amazing project-experiment-home! It was fascinating.
    Jenny Saboley

  • I wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful day at Blue Rock!! It was a great way to "close the circle" of a fabulous 2,5 months in the US.
    Alice Henderson

  • Hey I just wanted to thank you guys for a wonderful birthday :-) I learned so much from you about the flexibility of biotecture and natural building.
    Dale Ziemianski

  • It is a wonderful thing you folks are doing! A living workshop! It was quite a nice afternoon, and your hospitality was unsurpassed. You made everyone feel welcome, and taught us all a few things along the way!
    Dave and Nancy Kosewick

  • Thanks Annie, for opening your heart & home, esp. for my dad, in light of my absentmindedness and forgetting his tent. Sheesh! where was my head at. And you did all this whilst in the midst of a little weather crisis.
    Tom Wehner

  • You have built a very beautiful home and farm with much love and care. The environment that you and Jay created was very welcoming and safe.
    Abby Miller

  • You have influenced the direction of the project my husband and I are undertaking in such a beautiful and natural way I think you will be pleased with your influence or inspiration
    Shannon Cox

  • I want to thank YOU for allowing me to spend the holiday with you both. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned more great information from both of you.
    Shannon Cox

  • I think that staying with you guys definitely put us on the right track and helped us be more confident about what we're doing.
    Alex and Ange

  • Thank you both very much. I absolutely love what you all are doing, and your sense of humor!
    Susan, Dallas

  • You guys are REAL Pioneers & certainly need to be recognized for the Courageous Efforts you have put forth
    Bill Brown

  • I really enjoyed the weekend we spent with you and I learned a lot. I think what you guys are doing is great, and what makes it even better is that you reach out and share it with other people.
    George Moresea, University of Dayton

  • Visiting the station and talking with Jay answered many questions for me and brought great ideas as well. I know I'll have many more questions but I feel inspired. Thanks for sharing your home, your knowledge and your love of living green!
    Donna Malus

  • Annie is a great source of inspiration for our students at the University of Dayton. Her story resonates with people who want to make a difference in the world and who want to work for social and environmental justice around the globe.
    Malcolm Daniels

  • The way you and Jay live your life is one of the most inspiring things I have ever encountered.
    Paige Lazar

  • The tour was fantastic - instructive & inspiring. The Solar Generator book is well writen & easy to read. Thanks again
    Mary Murphy

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