To learn more about becoming an intern at Blue Rock Station, read on…

Blue Rock Station takes pride in being able to translate green living principles (re-think, repair, reuse,
reduce, recycle, respect) into ways to live happy and fulfilling lives. The goal for the summer intern
program is to provide a wide range of opportunities for each person who lives, eats and works at the farm
to find their own definition of sustainability.

Interns live and work at Blue Rock Station. Annie and Jay Warmke, the owners and operators, have lived
in other parts of the world and enjoy hosting interns from around the globe, as well as from the US. Blue
Rock Station plays host to many international groups annually and encourages an exchange of learning
among visitors and interns. Sustainable living translates easily into any language.
The warm months bring a hope for completing the Tiny House, expanding the food forest planting (both
urban and at the farm), planning the annual Goat Stock Intern Reunion, and beginning to sell plants
propagated from the high tunnel plant stock.

Some examples of typical Skill-building Projects:

  • Building/construction/systems:
  • Design and complete finish work on the tiny house (325 sq ft building) including building a cut bottle
    wall, basic carpentry & earthen plastering
  • Finish work on existing buildings (new barn, Earthship, Dogwood Chalet)
  • Earth plastering and basic carpentry
  • Work on the forest management plan and learn some basic plant propagation
  • Map the 33 acres of forest at BRS
  • Create a forest walking tour that includes signage for plants/trees
    Food production/preservation
  • Plant spring garden/create schedule for succession planting
  • Plan and plant the summer, fall or winter garden
  • Learn food preservation
  • Create videos for use with BRS booklets including rammed-earth tire foundation construction and how
    to build a cut bottle wall
  • Create regular podcasts for BRS projects
  • Skills You May Learn:
  • Participate in the photovoltaic system installation to learn the basics
  • Learn how to make and apply a variety of earthen plasters
  • Assist in a straw bale and earthen plaster repair including rammed-earth tire foundation work
  • Goat herd management including milking and natural health
  • Assist with garden food planning & production
  • General farm chores that might include feeding chickens, milking goats, working in the garden
  • Lead and participate in tours
  • Participate in menu planning, daily cooking and food preservation
  • Assist other interns in their projects
  • Write about your experiences and projects for blogs and/or a publication
  • log Post: My 2023 Internship at Blue Rock Station (Dalia Fabb-Soto)