Consulting Services

You know you want to make a change.  That change may be in where you live… or how you live… or how you think about life, the universe and everything.  But where do you start?  That first step can often be the Grand Canyon.  There is a wide gap between the dream and the doing. 

Or you may have very specific ideas of what you want to do.  You have sketched out your dream house and wonder if such a structure is practical, or legal, or wise.  We often are asked to provide consulting to folks who are interested in building an Earthship or similar type alternative structure. 

We are happy to do this for $75 per hour (dirt cheap if you have priced such services).  In this way we can review blueprints, discuss project management issues, relate what went well, what we would do differently – and the like.We may even be able to set up a series of workshops to help make your dream a reality.  

To schedule consulting, just give us a call at (740) 674-4300 or e-mail us.


Jay Warmke is an award winning speaker and writer. He has presented hundreds of lectures and workshops around the world to groups as large as 4,000.  His 30-to-90 minute talks (can be adjusted to full-day workshops) are humorous and enlightening, providing challenging ideas and predictions based on current and historical data.  He is noted for an ability to take the most complex concepts and relay them in an easy-to-follow, non-technical manner.

Some suggested presentation ideas include:

  • When the Biomass Hits the Wind Turbine
  • You Will Be Green: How to Compete in a World That’s Running Out of Everything
  • Growing Energy: Can Farmers Really Make Money From Renewables?
  • When energy is free
  • 40 Acres and a Mule: Chucking it all and heading out into that great unknown
  • Earthship Life: Living in a House Made of Garbage

To book Jay for a conference, workshop or consultation telephone (740) 674-4300 or e-mail us.