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Active Hope Workshop Sept 30th

Want to feel hope for the future? Join Annie Warmke and Laurel Hobden on September 30th at Blue Rock Station for a day of learning how to find that hope.

The day’s theme will be based on Joanna Masey’s book “Active Hope”. The information outlines four simple steps that can be used as a tool for feeling energized and hopeful about personal life, your business, your work, your faith or the larger community. This is not about a political party but about how to find hope, and then take action for change in your life, and perhaps even in this culture.

That hope comes from four steps: finding gratitude, identifying the pain felt by the way the earth and it’s inhabitants are suffering, and then by seeing these things with new eyes and moving forward to find solutions for personal well-being and actions.

Build Your Own Solar Generator Video Now Available for FREE

A solar generator is great for emergency power backup, remote sites and camping. But they can cost a bloody fortune. So why not build one yourself from parts you can find at your local hardware store?

This comprehensive video will walk you through the theory as well as the practical process to build your own small solar generator. You can also obtain a detailed book with step-by-step instructions at if you are so inclined.

This Week’s Solar News: Week of Nov 26th – Dec 2nd, 2023

Goats 101 Online Course is now FREE:

Our online course for those interested in raising a small flock of dairy goats is now available for FREE.

Click here to get access to the course…

Online Solar PV Course Now Available

This course is designed for those new to solar. Ideal for folks wishing to install a system on their home or business, understand what they are getting into if they wish to hire someone to install a system, or enter the rapidly growing PV industry as a career.

This course tracks with the provided textbook (Understanding Photovoltaics). It is organized into 11 chapters, 71 major topic areas – with 11 review quizzes, 25 lab projects, over 550 narrated slides, dozens of integrated videos, links to online resources and materials for added comprehension and more.

This curriculum has been approved by ETA as preparing persons interested in obtaining the PV Level 1 Certification. It has also been approved by for 35 hours of LA CES health, safety, and welfare Professional Development hours.

Now Available… FREE Roadmap to Living the Simple Life short course

Many of us dream of chucking it all and building our little cabin in the woods… raising a few goats… growing what we need.

Well, what you may not realize (or maybe you know it… but don’t really KNOW it) is that living a carefree simple natural life can be a lot of work.

The intention of this quick course is to share some of our ideas and insights in how to make this possible. It is free because the best things in life generally are.