Buffalo Gals Voices Offerings Summer/Fall 2021

Buffalo Gals Round-UP is a workshop series by women who do the work for women who want to learn the secret hacks and how-to’s that our parents didn’t teach us.  Join Buffalo Gals Carie Starr of Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch and Annie Warmke of Blue Rock Station to learn how to take life by the horns.

Registration information is available at www.bluerockstation.com/buffalo-gals/ and the registrants name will be added to a list. She will be contacted by April 20th to pay her fees and officially be registered plus receive a materials list.

How It Works:

Socially Distanced Workshops (have to wear a mask, vaccine card preferred, and social distancing from 1 pm to 4 pm with 8 women):  a series of get-togethers to develop stronger resiliency skills in times when Buffalo Gals are needed most.  Create easy practical skill-building to increase confidence that women will take home and use.  The overall goal is to create confidence and build a network of like-minded women.  All participants will receive “I am a farmer” button and a certificate of completion.

Why join?  Become a member of the Buffalo Gals Voices tribe, learn new skills that make work life easier, build confidence, and create resiliency for everyday living.  If you take at least four of the five classes you will be eligible to attend the fall Buffalo Gals Roundup* at the Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch to practice some of the skills you learned, and help celebrate rural life.  Cost is $250 to attend all five workshops plus the Fall Encampment (for those who have attended at least 4 of the 5 workshops). Ask about scholarships.

Scheduled Workshops

Each three-hour workshop includes some type of take away to provide hands-on opportunities to learn the skills. Livestock management will be the basis of the skill sets: for example learn how to spot weld to repair a pasture fence connection or learn how to install an electrical socket for a heated water bucket.

  1. May 1 -Simple propagation of common plants:  tomatoes, basil, figs, hydrangea, mint, willow, persimmons and use Google Earth to plan projects – pasture fencing, forest management/climate adaptation basics, terracing, swales

What you will learn:

  • Overview of how to determine where fences need to be placed by using Google Earth
  • Overview of forest management/climate adaptation with suggested contacts and available grant programs (climate change impacts on plants/trees, non-timber products)
  • Basics of how to use terracing and swales to control water runoff and flooding by using topographical maps and Google Earth
  • How to start seeds and take woody starts for propagation
  1. May 22 – How to drive a tractor and a few basic maintenance issues
  • How to charge a battery 
  • How to jump start a tractor/truck
  • How to back up a vehicle
  • How to hook up and handle a trailer 
  • How to jack knife trailer on the truck
  • Strategies for loading and unloading livestock
  1. June 5 – Simple homestead maintenance that your parent’s never taught you
  • Simple electricity 
    • how to replace a cord on a lamp
    • How to fix an outlet 
    • Replace the ends on an extension cord
    • Install an electrical socket
  • Simple plumbing
    • How to put pipe together – the right tools, pipes types and glues to use (to fix a toilet or a leak)
    • How to cut different types of pipe
    • Make a simple composting toilet for emergencies
  1.  June 12 – Simple carpentry
  • Safe use of saw, drill, chop saw, nail gun,hammer
  • Basic secret carpentry hacks (measure once, cut twice, pre-drilling)
  • How to use a Dremel
  • Make a Buffalo Gal sign out of wood with a hanger

5.   Aug. 28th – How to do simple welding 

  • Learn the basics of a simple welder
  • Learn how to use safety equipment
  • Learn how to spot weld – simple tacking
  • Make a simple boot scraper

Encampment:  September  25/26 Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch (Donations accepted but this is a no-cost weekend for women only)*

*NOTE: Women have to either attend some of Buffalo Gal Round-up classes or be personally invited to the Buffalo Gals Roundup

Register to attend by September 15th.  Electricity from a solar generator,  will have coolers with ice for food preservation and any other things that need refrigeration.  Supplies will be transported by a tractor and wagon.

  • At the end of the season – Buffalo Gals Round-Up  free capstone weekend to build a lean to and celebrate graduation
  • Ceremonies and rituals – smudging/worry stones placed somewhere
  • Splitting wood with a wood splitter
  • Starting a fire and maintaining it (Keeper of the Hearth)
  • How to cook outdoors with cast iron
  • Wild food walk
  • Clean willow with loppers for lean-to
  • Friendship:  bring one or two items to swap for Annie’s annual birthday swap
  • A menu will be created ahead of time and participants will be asked to contribute food

Buffalo Gals’ (BG) Mission:

Buffalo Gals Voices is dedicated to promoting women in farming and agriculture by focusing on the bold steps necessary for learning the skills that create success in life, personally and professionally.

We want to have fun telling the stories of women who have learned to thrive and give back through technical assistance to the women and groups who lived the stories.

“Women are hard wired culturally and by nature to do things differently then men.  We are taught to include others, nurture them to do their best, and to be frugal with resources.  This is a cultural norm, but not necessarily who every woman turns out to be obviously.” Carie Starr, Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch and co-founder of Buffalo Gals Voices

“In the world of agriculture women in this generation of food producers do more with less, farm the land differently raising more crops on less land, and they have little or no debt.  Yet women are still virtually invisible though.” Annie Warmke, Blue Rock Station/Warmke Farm and co-founder of Buffalo Gals Voices.

Online Podcast Series

With funding from the USDA’s Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program, in 2018 Rural Action worked with Annie Warmke of Blue Rock Station, Carie Starr of Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch, Women Grow Ohio, and the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks to utilize online learning tools, including webinars, online booklets, and podcasts. Have an idea for a new podcast or toolkit to help your farm or small business? Send us an email or give us a call to tell us more!

Webinar Series for Specialty Dairy Producers

Starting in July 2018, Rural Action’s Women Grow Ohio (WGO) project launched a series of weekly specialty dairy webinars aimed at providing technical assistance (led by women doing the work) to women farmers working in the specialty dairy sector. These free webinars have made learning more accessible to women farmers by reducing transportation and travel logistics and taking the training to them. All webinars are available on YouTube for viewing at times that are convenient for farmers. Visit www.acenetworks.org/category/events/ for a full list of the Specialty Dairy webinars and registration.