Annie and Jay talk about how they transitioned to living simply while still making a living.

Many of us dream of chucking it all and building our little cabin in the woods… raising a few goats… growing what we need.

Who needs the rat race? Who needs that annoying customer or that tedious Zoom call?

Well, what you may not realize (or maybe you know it… but don’t really KNOW it) is that living a carefree simple natural life can be a lot of work.

About 20 years ago, we decided to chuck our “corporate” way of life and see if we couldn’t find a way to make a living while living in a simpler and more sustainable way. We built a home out of trash (an Earthship) and cast about trying different ideas to see how we could generate what money we needed to get by. We developed a plan, and then changed that plan… often.

But our guiding principal… our mission statement if you will, was: “We will only do what we want to do and have fun doing it!”

For twenty years we have managed to stay true to that mission and have also managed to live quite comfortably.

The intention of this quick course is to share some of our ideas and insights in how to make this possible. It is free because the best things in life generally are.

Pathway to Living the Simple Life