In 2017, Blue Rock Station launched our “Free School” program. Response has been so positive that we continue on boldly into the future.  The only cost is bringing a food dish of some sort for the group to share during class.

The goal of the free school is to offer two-three hours of instruction on the third Saturday of each month.  The classes will be taught by former interns and friends of Blue Rock Station. Topics will focus on everyday skills like wood working, bicycle repair, plumbing, sewing, natural health, first aid, self-care, using herbs, simple gardening techniques and spirituality.

During the warm months attendees can stay the night by camping. The evening will include a film and discussion or learning an art form (such as swing dance).

Attendance is by invitation (from us or another friend of BRS) or by getting in touch with Blue Rock Station by telephone (740-674-4300) to register. So if one of the following items is of interest to you – let us know and mark your calendar. 

  • January 19th – Activism
  • February 16th –
  • May 25th – 
  • June 22nd – 
  • July 6th – GoatStock 2019 Celebration
  • August 17th: 
  • Sept 21st – 
  • October 19th – 3rd annual Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) afternoon with Eduardo Sandoval
  • December 21st – Celebrate Yule at Blue Rock Station