How to get to Blue Rock Station?

The address (for your GPS) is 1190 Virginia Ridge Road, Philo OH 43771. We are only about 20 minutes away from the Zanesville I-70 exit following SR 60 south.  (for complete directions)

Bear in mind that if your GPS directs you towards Gaysport (where you would normally cross the river from SR 60) – the bridge there is closed. So you will need to cross the river in Duncan Falls (if coming from the north) or in McConnelsville if coming from the south.

We are located about 90-minutes from the Columbus Ohio International Airport.

What about walking?

For tours and most workshops – bring a good attitude and proper walking shoes.  While there is not a huge amount of walking and most is on level ground – you will be standing and walking for most of the outdoors tour. There are no paved sidewalks (gravel driveways mostly) – so bear that in mind. Wheelchairs can be a problem, as it can also be problem if you have severe mobility issues.

What should I wear?

There is nothing formal about Blue Rock Station.   Wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing.  Dress for the weather, of course, and it is always possible that you may get just a bit dirty (this is a working farm, after all).

What is the tour size?

We limit the tours to 25 people. That way we can all see and hear what is going on, get whatever questioned answered, and maybe get to know each other a bit.

Telephones and the like.

There is spotty cellular service here (although Verizon put up a nearby tower, so subscribers to Verizon can generally get service).   Be prepared to be out of touch.  There are telephones here (land lines) which you can use to make or receive emergency calls.  

What about parking?

Plenty of parking on site for your car, truck, or motorcycle.


Okay, there are a lot of animals here at Blue Rock Station.  Many of them run loose.  For this reason, please do not bring any more with you.  We have free range chickens, cats, dogs, peacocks and goats that all get along just fine.  Adding any to the mix will just add to life’s uncertainty.  Norman – our guardian livestock dog really takes issue with other dogs in his territory.  So please don’t bring any critters, no matter how well behaved.  Also, if you have any animal allergies, you need to be aware that the dogs and cats are quite affectionate and (especially the cats) have no manners at all.  This is a working farm and animals are part of the mix.  

What about smoking and other disgusting habits?

We are a no-smoking farm (and we are pretty darn smug about it).   So if you must smoke – Annie will insist (and I am not kidding about this) that you go out to the road to get your fix.  As for the other disgusting habits – there may be more flexibility.  We do not, however, allow alcohol on site during the workshops for safety reasons as well as in consideration of all the guests and permanent residents.

What about children?

The tours are really geared towards adults. Older children who are interested generally also do just fine. But infants or small children can be a distraction to you and to others. So we really do stress that the tours here are not for children (unless designed for a group school tour) and they will likely be bored.

Fee Refunds?

Things change, and we realize this.  But there are costs involved in managing people for upcoming workshops – so where is the balance?  Our policy is that, if a payment is canceled more than 30 days prior to the event, 100% of the payment will be refunded (less any credit card processing fees that might apply).  If a refund is requested between 30 – 7 days prior to the event, we will issue a refund or apply your payment to a future tour if a replacement attendee can be found (we generally have a waiting list). Less than a week out – no refund will be issued.


When participating at any event at Blue Rock Station, you assume liability for yourself and those you have registered.  Please read the Waiver of Liability carefully.  This is in effect whenever you attend a workshop or tour at Blue Rock Station.

What else is there to do in the area?

We have compiled a list of local activities and attractions.  But the Muskingum River valley has much to offer and  if you have an extra day or two – makes a great little vacation destination (or places for your family members to explore while you attend the workshop).  The WildsLongaberger Baskets, the Roseville Pottery area, the John & Annie Glenn Museum and much more are all located nearby.