Natural gardening is both an art and a science. We at Blue Rock Station have been, as we say, “pert near organic” for some time now. We would love to share some of our insights and resources.

natural gardening

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If you are a gardener who loves to pull weeds – loves neat orderly rows of vegetables – enjoys a large lush lawn that would put your local golf course to shame… Then this book is NOT for you!

Natural Gardening is a state of mind. It is a way to work with nature, to guide it, to walk with it – the plants, bugs and critters will amaze you if you let them.

They have, after all, been doing this for a long time.

Gardening Podcasts…

Being a Soil Farmer (Composting)

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How can we create fertile soil by just letting it all rot.  How can we revitalize our depleted soil with waste organic material?

What is involved in turning kitchen scraps, yard waste, and even human waste into healthy and vibrant soil?

Join Annie and Jay Warmke of Blue Rock Station for a discussion of the serious topic of sustainable living – without taking ourselves too seriously.

Healing with Herbs (Natural Medicine)

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Herbal medicine, or natural healthcare has literally been around for centuries.

Yet those who practice it are still labeled as crackpots or witches (okay, maybe a couple centuries out of date with labeling) by the medical establishment that is very nearly always proved wrong by the next medical establishment that is later proved wrong… and so it goes. 

Natural Gardening

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How can you work with nature rather than against it in growing food, flowers and other assorted greenery.  What is companion planting and how can you use it to help your garden thrive?

How can you make natural pesticides or natural fertilizers? How can you go one step beyond organic?

Join Annie and Jay Warmke of Blue Rock Station for a discussion of the realities of sustainable living

Seed Saving

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Savings seeds is an act of revolution and in many cases – illegal. 

Find out how we came to find ourselves in a world where it is legal to patent life and lifeforms, and illegal to hold back seeds to plant in the coming year. 

How can you preserve seeds? Where can you obtain healthy and heirloom seed varieties?

How can you push back against the agricultural monopolies? Who knew that your grandma was a rebel?

Preserving Food

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We all know we should eat seasonally. 

But often there is an overabundance of food when the food is ready to be eaten (after all, how many zucchini can you actually eat in one sitting?)  And then you can’t find anything worth eating later in the year.

So how best to preserve fresh food? 

Annie explains how to can, blanch, pickle, dry, salt – basically how to make your harvest last through the winter. 

Planting a Forest Garden

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Annie and Jay Warmke of Blue Rock Station are joined by Chad Cully, horticulturist at the Cincinnati Zoo’s botanical gardens, in a discussion of how to create a forest garden.

This ancient practice takes advantage of the vertical nature of forests to create a sustainable and low-impact source of food, while maintaining the woodlands – the lungs of the world.