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Alex Nash (2010)

School:  Linworth Alternative Program, Worthington, OH

Primary Project: Bottle Greenhouse Extension

As a senior at the Linworth Alternative Program, Alex had the opportunity to
spend two months as an intern at Blue Rock Station. During her time here,
she participated in a variety of activities new to her, from milking goats
to earth plastering a bottle wall on the Dogwood Chalet.

Some of her projects included organizing the Blue Rock Station seed bank, completing the extension of the plastic bottle greenhouse, and socializing the baby goats so they would be friendly and well-behaved. She also served as sous
chef, helping with the daily preparation of meals.

While Alex learned many new skills at BRS, she also learned a lot about
herself and living a full life from the wonderful people she worked with.

The numerous intellectual conversations and discussions were enlightening and helped her to change the way she views the world.

In the fall, Alex will be attending Miami University in Oxford, OH as a music education major.