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Sam Sheets (2008)

School:  Philo High School - Philo, OH

Primary Project: Master Chef

"My experiences at Blue Rock Station were wonderful. Annie and Jay gave me so many opportunities some people don't ever have in life, and I met so many wonderful people. I gained a lot of experience while interning at Blue Rock Station, and a lot of memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. While I was there, I learned many things about cultures, people, places, architecture, and food, and all of these things have helped me find who I am. My time with them has made me who I am, and I'm proud of that.

There are many things that make Blue Rock Station a special place.. One of them being the people that they encounter all the time, and the knowledge, and experience they bring, and the memories they leave behind.

Another thing are the amazing animals that live there, and each one has a specific job. The cats keep the rodents under control, Rosie is a herding dog, and guards the house, the chickens supply wonderful fresh eggs, the goats produce milk, and the llama's create that home kind of feeling. Llama treks are a huge thing, you walk the llama through the woods with people from all over, stop for a snack and lemon aid, and share stories, adventures, and goals.

Then, of course, there is the food. There's always something new and different to try at Blue Rock Station when it comes to food. While I was there, we tried to find ways to prepare foods in a healthier way, and other times we tried new recipes from different countries. There was hardly ever something I didn't like. Blue Rock Station was a huge experience for me, and I recommend everyone to check it out, especially if you want to a different cultural aspect of America."