As schools are closed and people are asked to self-isolate, we at Blue Rock Station thought it would be a good idea to feature some sustainable education that might be of value in home schooling or virtual classroom settings. Some of the publications we normally charge for, we are giving out for free until the crisis is over. Enjoy…

Dead White Scientists

History as taught in schools is mostly about wars and rich white guys who hired lawyers to clean up their reputations. The history of energy and technical innovation is no different. So join us in a discussion about what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to the legacy of dead white scientists.

Natural Gardening

Natural gardening is both an art and a science. We at Blue Rock Station have been, as we say, “pert near organic” for some time now.

We would love to share some of our insights and resources.

Healthy Food

We are all told to eat healthy – but what exactly does that mean? There are a lot of aspects to a healthy diet.

It includes what you eat, how you eat, the impact your food has on the planet, on your health.

The following are a few ideas that may get you thinking…

Sustainable Living

There are about as many definitions of sustainability as there are people who decide to try to define “sustainable.”

Leave things as you found them (but what happens if you found a mess?). Pack out what you pack in (maybe). Leave the planet in better shape for the next generation… and so on. Some ideas to ponder.


We have entered the age of sustainable energy. Technologies that only a short time ago seemed beyond our reach, are now commonplace.

Solar energy will dominate the coming decades in the same way that computers dominated the past several decades. Wind technology has come of age.

Learn a bit about the future.

Animal Care

There are time-tested and natural ways to keep your pets and livestock healthy. As Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine.”

So the first step is to feed your animals a healthy and natural diet. But more follows…

Sustainable Buildings

One of the coolest and most visible aspects of sustainable buildings are the various types of shelters that can be constructed that incorporate earth-friendly concepts. Hopefully the resources we have here will inspire to explore new options in housing and make major changes in the way you live

Green Living Tips

Visit our YouTube Channel and sample our latest series – Let’s Take a Minute to Save the Planet, short little tips on how to live a more sustainable life, in bitsize nuggets.  Hope you enjoy…

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